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String Theory: Ubisoft Announce Rocksmith

So it turns out Ubisoft's Rocksmith will be (1) coming to PC, (2) the first music game named after me personally and my remarkable reputation as a devil-may-care rock god, and (3) The first music game to work with real-life guitars. My feelings on this could be summarised succinctly, but I'll spare you, just because I don't think anybody wants to read the sentence "YES!" quite that many times. Details and first few trailers after the jump. Thanks to reader Lars "Teddible" Westergren for sending this in.

Look at this guy learning to play Slow Hands!

Watch on YouTube

And here's a girl learning to play When I'm With You by Best Coast!

Watch on YouTube

And here's a musician being a musician.

Watch on YouTube

I'm hugely excited about this. But then I would be- I'm a massive amateur at guitar and this sounds like the most entertaining way to practice imaginable, not least because Ubisoft say that while the game has score-based elements, you can happily ignore them and simply improvise over the song, and simply use the game as video tablature.

But that's just the start. Did you hear that bit in the third video about an amp mode? And this Rolling Stone article says that once you've properly ballsed up one section of a song, the game will offer a practice mode for that part specifically. Also, during career mode you'll unlock guitars, amps, and effects pedals with dials.

Me? I'm excited. This is me being excited. Ubisoft say Rocksmith is hitting in Autumn this year, and I can't wait.

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