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Rocksmith's DLC days are done as the team move to a new project

Don't fret

Welcome to the day the music died. Or, well, not entirely. Rocksmith still has plans for "weekly online content," but Ubisoft San Francisco have wrapped up their planned DLCs for the guitar tutorial game as of the newly-released Opeth Song Pack. The team is moving on to a new—as yet unannounced—project. More music? We shall see.

Rocksmith still touts itself as "the fastest way to learn guitar," like the Duolingo of headbangin' and shredding. My only point of reference is a beat-up Guitar Hero set which I suppose is the kiddie pool version of guitar games, whereas in Rocksmith you plug in your actual six (or four) string. I never properly learned to play the guitar and I've not tried Rocksmith, so that's science by my book.

Rocksmith has certainly had its fair share of content additions. "After 383 weeks of DLC releases, this pack brings us to a total of 1570 songs in the Rocksmith library, spanning over 7 decades (or 3 centuries, in the case of Bachsmith) and covering a multitude of genres for guitar and bass," they say. Yes, it really does have that many DLCs. Sounds like this band has been on the road long enough. Give those rockers a rest.

"We still have weekly online content planned for Rocksmith fans. The Rocksmith Dev Stream will continue (in a new format), along with some more surprises," Ubisoft say.

In the meantime, Ubisoft San Fran is playing a new tune. "We’ve been hard at work on a new project," they say, though no additional details are forthcoming. Presumably we'll hear more about that in some other format once Rocksmith's gotten to kick its feet up properly.

You can get the rest of Ubisoft's own words on the matter in their announcement.

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