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Rocksmith+ is Ubisoft's new guitar-learning subscription service

You can sign up for a closed beta now

If you're one of the people who's picked up an instrument to learn over lockdown (like me), and haven't quite made the progress you'd have liked (hello), then you might be pleased to learn that Ubisoft just announced Rocksmith+. It's a new version of Rocksmith, Ubi's music-learning game, and it's arriving as a subscription service later this year.

Rocksmith is less a game, and more a piece of software that'll teach you how to play guitar and bass. You connect your instrument to your PC or console using a jack, or just sign in to an app on your phone that'll listen to you play, and see feedback on the screen as you jam out to various songs. It's like Guitar Hero, except it actually teaches you something.

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The subscription service will have loads of new songs, including game soundtracks from Assassin's Creed - I'm sure I spotted some Cyndi Lauper and Elvis during the Ubisoft Forward stream too.

All the songs will have chord charts, and the devs will add new arrangements each week. They're adding something called the Rocksmith Workshop so players can create their own arrangements to songs Ubi have licensed too (which basically lets you teach Rocksmith how you want to play a specific song). Rocksmith+ will also have tab, if you prefer playing that way.

The devs say Rocksmith+ has some new stuff to help with learning, like improved ways to monitor your own progress, and the game will have better recommendations of what you should be working on next.

For a chance to try it out early, you can register for the Rocksmith+ closed PC beta over on Ubisoft's website. And you can find out more about the service on this FAQ.

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