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Alice: Madness Returns Footage Is Gorgeous

Back in the year 2000 (which was ELEVEN YEARS AGO, fact fans), I enjoyed American McGee's Alice comprehensively, like you might a bacon sandwich. Foremost in my mind are the environments- the game was a tour through a tattered and bucking dreamscape, with unholy vistas around every other corner. Finally we have some in-game footage of this summer's sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, and it gives me great pleasure to say that it's looking swell. Follow me down the rabbit hole, ladies and gents.

It's actually not just the level design in these videos that's got me giddy. The sparse amount of platforming in the second video looks inventive enough, and the combat looks really quite exciting. That's a neat blocking mechanic they've got there, and those weapons look like they've got some great pop and heft to them. Also, while I'm being positive, I really like the physics on Alice's hair. This game will be another bacon sandwich, you mark my words.

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