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Holiday Snaps, Rips: Dead Island Screens

VG24/7's amassed what can only be described as a tableau of new Dead Island shots, and I found a few others we haven't posted yet, too. A few points of interest in these screens, including a MASSIVE zombie. Is that new? I don't know. I guess Resident Evil has had a few massive zombies in its time. Carry on!

Click to embiggen, as usual.

Destroyed beauty! I love me a bit of that.

Huge dude! Excellent. I hope there's a bit when another one shows up so that you will be facing off against Two Huge Dudes.

That Huge Dude is running straight into the samurai sword! Look out, Huge Dude!

Hang on. He isn't even huge anymore. What's going on?

Where would games be without destroyed beauty, eh? They'd have to go out and create some actual beauty, I guess. Which might be interesting, as we talked about in this Bulletstorm verdict.

Urgh. The horror.

This, to my mind, is the most exciting shot of the bunch. I'm not sure there's a better moment in gaming than cresting a hill, seeing a problem and using your vantage point to map out a solution. My time spent with the first Crysis revolved around that moment quite early on where you arrive at a pitched battle at night and can see the fixed guns you need to destroy. Also, I guess Dead Island has an open world! Man!

Pow! Reminds me of Condemned. Very nice.

"GRGRAHHHRGH I'M HOME," said Robert Zombie.


"ROAHH," said Robert Zombie, for he enjoyed eating brains.

A pool of some kind!

Yeah! You can do it, man with backpack! I believe in you!

Ah! That must be of one of the combined weapons that I've read about in previews, a leaf taken cleanly out of Dead Rising 2's book. That said, the combinations in Dead Island are meant to be a little more "realistic". An electric machete? Maybe that's realistic. Do we have any MacGyvers in the audience who can confirm or deny this?

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