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Mod News: It's All Going On

Last week, very little happened on the mod scene, aside from all those School Shooter shenanigans. This week, every mod in the world has received an update. No, seriously. Count them. Read on in order to do so, and to take a look at the most interesting happenings on the mod scene over the past seven days.

There's a really pretty Crysis mod in development, called Traction Wars. It's a World War II mod, and yeah, we probably don't need any more of those. But it really is a pretty soul, judging by the pre-release media. There's some new screenshots, as well as some new info, beyond this link.

There's also a news update from Halo mod Flood Campaign Project. This is a single-player campaign for the first Halo, in which you play as the enemy. How fun! Here are some new pics and other things.

I mentioned Mindworld a few weeks ago, I think. This is a Half-Life 2 mod very early in production, and hyper-ambitious, but one I've been keeping an eye on anyway, mainly because there are some great ideas bouncing around in here. And now... well, it isn't going to be a Half-Life 2 mod any more. The team's decided on UDK, so will be releasing a standalone indie game. That's the last you'll see of it here, then. Bye bye, Mindworld. I'll still be watching you.

Meanwhile, StarCraft II mod Project Warfare has received a new media update. These screenshots are quite spectacular, frankly, so I've included one of them below. The single-player campaign is about 50 per cent complete, according to the devs, but they say they're taking their time with this one. I'm glad.

Half-Life 2 single-player effort Precursors has been released. This is some impressively professional work set in the City 17 of a pre-Half-Life 2 era, and it's garnering some positive reviews so far. Here's where to get the mod, and here's where you can get the official soundtrack.

Plus, if you're looking for a smaller mod, how about this music overhaul for Stalker: Clear Sky? I mean, it's unlikely you'll want to go back to Clear Sky anyway, but if you do, here's a replacement ambient soundtrack for your enjoyment.

Another Half-Life 2 mod, Fistful of Frags, is finished after five years. Of course, you'll have heard of this one before: it's been playable for some time, in various alpha and beta versions. But now that tag's dropped, and version 3.5 is a fully complete build of the game. There's a new game mode, as well as plenty of tweaks that help shape this into a more complete game. Grab it on Desura, or via ModDB.

Elsewhere, but still in Valve Kingdom, Portal mod Gamma Energy has hit version 1.1. It adds a whole new chapter to the end of the game, as well as a bunch of other bonus content, such as work-in-progress maps that were cut before the mod's release last August. It's all been well-received so far, so why not head over to ModDB to download it?

Then there's Fuel: Refueled, which has had a massive update this week. There's a full change-log here, but the highlights are demo support, a new racing system which mixes up the vehicle types involved, some camera fixes, and some tweaks to the online mode. There's also now a French version, and there's a German one in the works. Lovely!

Furthermore, Frontlines R3L04D has hit version 6.1. This CoD4: Modern Warfare mod, as well as having a ludicrous name, now has a couple of new or updated gametypes, as well as some control tweaks. You can get it on ModDB.

More still? Why yes! Popular Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts mod Eastern Front has received an updated. It's described as "an immense upgrade, if not re-design, of the Soviet side." More details here, as well as some wallpapers and the like.

And absolutely finally, Fallout: New Vegas mod Vault 24 has hit version 0.5. Still a long way from complete, this mod now has a new level, and a completed version of an old level. I quite like how this is releasing part-by-part. It's a nice idea, and a great way of getting feedback as production chugs along. Grab the latest version from ModDB.

'til next time, dears.

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