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(N)Ornate: Guild Wars 2 GDC Video Blowout

And now, presenting a full half-hour of Guild Wars 2 footage, covering everything to Norn character creation to Guardian and Thief game footage! You know what looks great? I'll tell you. This game looks great. The last time RPS played an MMO together way probably City of Heroes, an event that's now firmly entrenched in my mind because of Kieron's story about that very summer. Allow me to recount it for you.

I don't know if Kieron has already graced RPS with this story, but here goes.

So, it's the hot, hot summer of 2004. City of Heroes has just come out, and Kieron, Alec, John and Jim are all playing it. John is playing a healer. Incidentally, I'm not sure he did a very good job of it. These four men are addicted and enjoying themselves for hours every day, their windows wide open to welcome in any passing breezes.

Then one day, Kieron feels a strange pain in his upper left thigh. He can't think what it could be, assumes it's nothing and keeps playing. In time the pain gets worse. Eventually it gets so bad that even irresponsible Kieron calls a time out so he can examine himself. He can't see anything wrong, rejoins everybody else and keeps playing. The pain immediately begins again- a strange, fierce stinging. He stops playing once again, wonders what could be wrong, and realises that the pain is, in fact, a heat rash caused by one motionless testical resting against his leg.

Videogaming, ladies and gents!

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