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Impossible Creature: Incredipede

Left to steer the good ship RPS on my own today, I was feeling a little grim. Jaw set, lip slightly curled, brow furrowed, coffee cup crushed by my feeble fist: you know the look. Then I watched this footage of Incredipede ('a game about life and feet'), the next offering from the creator of Fantastic Contraption, and now I keep giggling to myself and wanting to hug people.

Ambulatory transformable beast in procedurally-generated, physics-based, freeform puzzle solving? Sign me right up. Apparently the creature-creation possibilites are 'practically limitless'.

Cover image for YouTube video

Incredipede! There is no finer name for a videogame.

Here also is creator Colin Northway explaining the game at Sense of Wonder Night in Japan a couple of weeks back. Don't worry, he speaks in English, interspersed by a Japanese translator and ever-so-polite applause. Also, features a creature specifically made to dance and only to dance:

Cover image for YouTube video

I am really looking forward to forcing the kind of bodge-it mentality that characterised my unsuccessful Lego expirements as a child onto Incredipede. More details on its website.

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