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Unimpeded: Incredipede Available Now

Incredipede is kind of disgusting. Not Human Centipede disgusting - or even normal centipede disgusting, for that matter - but still a little yucky. As you add writhing masses of legs and muscle clusters to your 'pede's eyeball body, it becomes all the more likely to flop and flail and squish and splorch in adorably grotesque fashions. Don't get me wrong, though: it's magical. I just messed around with the demo for about an hour, and I was transfixed. It's an already interesting physics-based conceit wrapped in disarming amounts of charm. And spindly bone legs. And a hint of QWOP. I really, really hope the remainder of Incredipede keeps this up. In the meantime, view evidence of its delights after the break.

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Isn't that fun? So far, the puzzles I've encountered have been pretty easy, but otherwise, this one's been haphazardly face-planting up and down in all the right places. Plus, later levels apparently add more variety in terms of both control options and limb types, so fingers/legs/antlers crossed that the complexity ratchets up before too long.

I've also been surprised by how much work clearly went into the eyeball itself. When it frantically paddles through lava, it flinches in palpably pitiable pain. And when I accidentally (I swear it was an accident; even the fifth time in a row) fling it off a cliff in the opposite direction of my goal, it goes all wide-eyed like Wile E. Coyote when he realizes he's not actually standing on anything. It adds so much, though. I still don't know what the hell a "Quozzle" is, but I'm pretty sure I adore it.

Incredipede's available for purchase here now. It's also attempting to do that whole Steam Greenlight thing, alongside its good friend The Whole Gaming Industry. I highly recommend giving the demo a try, as I've found it quite enjoyable so far. So yes, go do that.

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