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(Not) A Game And A Chat: RPS BFF GDC Ultra Force Go, Day Two

Now With Special Guests!

The GDC War Train of Impossible Enrichment trundles on, and RPS is on the scene with gusto, aplomb, and a stuffed lion. Each day this week, I'll be gathering impromptu panels of colossal brains inside frail (but very handsome) human bodies to dissect the show piece-by-piece. Yesterday, John, Cara, Hayden, and I did so by crawling into bed and talking about our socks. Also games. But day two was different. John fell to exhaustion, and Cara was carried away by a throng of adoring fans, presumably to be worshipped and then made into soup. Fortunately I was able to drag Gunpoint creator Tom Francis, writer and camera whisperer Nika Harper, and Incredipede creator Colin Northway over forests, woods, hills, and plains to fill their not-shoes.

And then we discussed EVERYTHING - including former Civilization IV dev Soren Johnson's Mars strategy game, awkward press events, Paradox's Pillars of Eternity publishing deal, time travel, harassment and silencing on the Internet, and more. Tune in below.

More tomorrow, if all goes well.

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