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Here's A Video of Ridge Racer: Unbounded

We've already had a slight glimpse at Namco Bandai's upcoming Ridge Racer Reboot by way of a fairly flashy trailer, but now, courtesy of automotive-specialists VVV Gamer, here's some fresh (off screen) footage showing what a pair of races in the new Ridge Racer might look like.

Looks a bit like Burnout, huh?

I'm somewhat sick of "cinematic takedowns" and charging up my boost bar in racing games these days, but RRU does seem to be full of opportunities to smash into things (and I don't think I will ever get sick of smashing into things), and the GIANT LETTERS AND NUMBERS dotted around the track for your HUD are rather stylish.

I expect it's going to be the city-building that really sets RRU apart from the competition: There's been plenty of competent smashy bashy racers over the last few years, but none that have let you build entire cities, so far. Can't wait to see more of that.

There's some funny banter in the video too. Nice one, Alan.

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