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Last On RPS: The Indie Games Arcade Lineup

Announced over at Eurogamer the other day is the full list of finalists for the Eurogamer Expo Indie Games Arcade. Hang on, aren't we in charge of that? I suppose we best get the list up here too. Read on to see which games you'll have a chance of playing in the cool corner of Earls Court when E2 kicks off later on this month.

At a Distance - Terry Cavanagh
Blocks That Matter - Swing Swing Submarine
Fotonica - Santa Ragione
Molecat Twist - iwait4 Developers
Pineapple Smash Crew - Red Produkt
Really Big Sky - Boss Baddie
Rimelands: Hammer of Thor - Dicework Games
Smuggle Truck - Owlchemy Labs
Stellar Impact - Tindalos Interactive
These Robotic Hearts of Mine - Alan Hazeldean
Waves - Squid In A Box
Xenonauts - Chris England

Exciting lineup, no?

Some of these are already available, so if you fancy pretending you're at Eurogamer Expo ahead of schedule, download the likes of Blocks That Matter or Fotonica, stick this on in the background, turn any lamps you've got on full blast, get some mates round and form an orderly queue behind your PC.

Details of our plans to collectively pile into a nearby pub sometime during the Expo will appear on the site next week, and see the rest of the games that will be at the expo here.

I'm going to be having my wisdom teeth forcibly removed just three days before the Expo, so I'll be the one in pain, eating soup.

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