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Who Do Voodoo? Dead Island Movie Looms

The internet is littered with the rotting corpse-stories of 'game x optioned for movie', so many of such headlines failing to come true, Hollywood executives' frothing plans simply ending up mired in cinematic red tape for years to come or Uwe Boll somehow getting his hands on the license. Perhaps Dead Island is destined for a similar fate, today bringing news that Lionsgate plan to bring its foul-mouthed tale of holidayers versus zombies to the silver screen - but the hullabaloo over that trailer might sharply increase the odds of something actually happening.

Lionsgate boss and, going on that name, probably a part-time superhero, Joe Drake claims to be rather taken with the CGI short's "human emotion, family ties and non-linear storytelling." He also calls it edgy, and thinks the 'edgy' vignette has "franchise potential." Everything has franchise potential, man. Even the story of my cat eating her dinner has franchise potential - watch out for the exciting sequel, My Cat Eats Her Breakfast.

What of the game itself? Will that get much of a narrative look in, or it it all about a girl flying backwards through a window? Anyway! A raft of people who've worked on blockbusters both horrible and tolerable are attached in nebulous producing roles, but no sign of a director or screenwriter as yet.

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