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Sky's No Limit: BioShock Infinite At TGS

There will inevitably be an English language version of this video available four seconds after I post this, but I feel compelled to make everyone watch it right now. It’s a short BioShock: Infinite trailer from TGS and I find it hugely exciting. There’s some nattering at the beginning, in Japanese, but once that’s done with it’s all action in the universal language of “my word, this is rather thrilling”. It does show some sequences that those wanting to go in completely fresh may not want spoiling, although it’s enemy types rather than plot. Then again, for all I know, the dialogue at the beginning may give away a huge plot twist. It’s unlikely though, isn’t it? Still, if Japanese is something you understand, certainly don’t go telling the rest of us if Elizabeth reveals she’s a sledge.

It almost doesn’t need translating because Elizabeth is a rather expressive young lady. Every time I see footage my biggest concern about Infinite becomes smaller. I was worried Columbia, the floatopia where the game is set, would be too open for terrifying encounters. I have nothing against jauntily zipping between buildings in the beautiful blue skies with naught but a ‘tally ho’ left in the air behind me, but sometimes I just want to be cornered by a preposterously wonderful mechanical creature, afraid in the dark. Glad to see Irrational have that covered as well.

Mad, beautiful and thoroughly imaginative, Columbia's looking grand. Most importantly, the more footage I see, the more I can imagine myself playing and enjoying the actual game. It doesn't just look like a fantastic setting, it looks like a space that will be fun to navigate and explore. That was another concern I had with some of the earlier videos, that for all the ingenuity of the environment, it might end up being limiting rather than expansive. That could still happen of course, but, for now, my reservations are shrinking away.

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