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The Race For Space: Lifeless Planet

There are a fair number of games where after playing them, in fact years after playing them, you tip your head back and scream at the sky, "WHY AREN'T THERE MORE GAMES LIKE THIS?!" Ico is definitely one of those for me. So I'm delighted to hear from David Board, an indie developer who is attempting to fill that particular gap. Lifeless Planet is an action adventure that focuses on the adventure, which appears to involve exploring. Oh thank goodness.

Take a look at the completely gorgeous trailer:

The story seems pretty intriguing too. For reasons not yet known, people are exploring for a planet that can support life. Believing that he's struck upon an undiscovered world, when exploring the central astronaut in fact finds an abandoned Russian laboratory from many years ago. Which is... spooky.

However, production of the game now seems to depend on a successful Kickstarter project. We're uncomfortable suggesting people pay money for projects we haven't played, from unknown developers, for all the obvious reasons. However, you have your own mind. You can pre-order the game for a $10 donation.

It's one I'm definitely going to keep an eye on.

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