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Bloody co-op romp Killing Floor 2 is free on Epic this week

Free gore!

Crikey, it's all gotten rather gruesome on the Epic Games store this week. Co-op slaughter-fest Killing Floor 2 makes its debut on the storefront today, heading up this week's free lineup alongside carceral break-out The Escapists 2 and lonely spacefarer Lifeless Planet. You know the drill - these three are free to grab 'til next Thursday, at which point they'll be replaced by fantasy dungeon-crawler Torchlight 2.

Oh, we do love a bit of Killing Floor 2, don't we? Tripwire Interactive's gory horde 'em up is still one of our favourite co-op games on PC, a proper grindhouse horde mode that has you beasting your way through all manner of zombies, mutants, and cyborg tyrants. While it's getting on a bit, the devs are still keeping the game updated with new events like last month's tropical romp Perilous Plunder.

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Sticking together's the name of the game in Killing Floor - and to make sure a new store doesn't fragment the party, Tripwire have made sure that rookies on Epic can play with their veteran Steam colleagues with full cross-play. There'll be an update to the Steam version today, adding a "Steam to EGS" option on the main menu to let you pair up with your cross-platform pals.

Killing Floor 2 is also joined this week by Lifeless Planet, a hauntingly lonely game about a Soviet cosmonaut trapped light years away from Earth. "Every tone it attempts is struck with confidence and talent," Ben Barrett wrote in his Lifeless Planet review, "from creeping horror to outright terror to reflective serenity. Give it a moment and you'll be stuck with it until you’re finished."

Rounding out the trio is sandbox-ey prison escape sim The Escapists 2. All three can be grabbed free on the Epic Games Store until next Thursday at which point Torchlight 2 will take their place.

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