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Yo Ho Oh Shut Up: Pirate Offers Appear

So, it's bloody Talk Like An Idiot Day. Oh, internet, you're good at some things, but you're not at others.

And worse, Talk Like A Pirate Day has now become so horribly commercialised. Remember when it was all just that annoying friend thinking they were being amusingly wacky? Perhaps wearing a novelty eye-patch and shouting "ARRRRRRHHH" until someone punched them? Those original values are lost amongst a bunch of publishers and developers thinking it canny to release pirate-themed news today. So it is that Tales Of Monkey Island is on sale, and Pirates Of New Horizons promotes itself with a video. And there will probably be others too. More details below. (NO NOT "BELOW" LIKE ON A PIRATE SHIP.)

Oh, it's a bit smug, isn't it?

So Telltale in a zany press release, in which they've attempted to write a pirate's accent in text, have made it known that the full series of Tales Of Monkey Island is on sale for a week, starting today. At an impressive 70% off. "That be some fine booty!" they say, apparently without shame. Although it seems they've shot their cannon load a little early, since the offer doesn't appear to have started. Expect this to be available on their site once lazy America is properly awake.

Can it be talk TO a pirate day?

Then there's Pirates Of New Horizons, a platformer by Exit Strategy that's currently in prototype for anyone to try. Using Unity it looks like an interesting project (and I promise to give it a proper look soon). But then they went and did this:

Cover image for YouTube video

I'll add others if they appear.

Me hearties.

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