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FOX News Takes Stand On Green Gaming

The list of crimes committed by videogames is a long and dark one. Our hobby causes ordinary citizens to turn into crazed sociopaths, rapists, murders, environmentalists and thugs. Wait, hang on a second, go back one? It appears that the latest charge levelled at gaming by those arbiters of decency at FOX News is one of spreading leftie-pinko liberal thinking, and by golly it's got to stop.

This is being perpetrated by "the green police", who apparently are breaking into people's homes and installing Sim City Societies on children's PCs. We're alerted to this horror by legendary videogaming and environmental science expect, radio presenter T.J. McCormack, who observes that people are "profiting of an environmental cause." Because that's now his argument?

(Apologies if it forces you to watch an advert)

It's a terrifying piece of madness, as noticed by Gamertag Radio and the Escapist, which seems to have sprung out of nowhere. The awful Sim City Societies came out in 2007, so why it's suddenly offending Murdoch's brood is a little mystifying. Frankly I think they should be more offended that you could environmentally improve your city by building landmarks in a mad pile in the rop right corner of the map, miles and miles from your people. What's that going to teach the next generation of town planners?

Next to be attacked is Fate Of The World, which brainwashed Quintin earlier this year. In this game about the effects of ignoring climate change, astonishingly it tries to smuggle in some liberal agenda that insinuates the notion that ignoring climate change might be dangerous!

Obviously there's no real point in getting too worked up about FOX News for every specific story relating to a subject you care about. Instead it's better to simply maintain a permanent worked up state about the network at all times. Because it's genuinely frightening to watch the host's slimy pretence to offer the alternative arguments, before explaining why they're wrong and dangerous. But really we bring this clip to your attention for the sheer mad joy of seeing the same vocabulary and rhetoric employed when condemning violence and sex in gaming, applied to games about helping save the world and making nice parks.

Thanks to Gnoupi for the tip.

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