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Now You're Thinking With Screenshots

Indie dev Arthur 'Mr. Pondukian' Lee was so wrapped up in mashing together Portal and Snapshot for this physics- and time-warping tech demo that he forgot to even give it a name! Silly boy. That's breaking one of the golden rules of self-promotion. In every other respect, Lee is very clearly not silly: this is a flat-out astonishing proof of concept. What if... instead of simply opening a doorway to another area, entering a portal you created also rewound time to the point where you created its exit, which was itself done by taking a screenshot of your desired destination point/time? Ack, my clumsy words plum don't sum this up at all satisfactorily. I'm going to have to ask you to watch this video. It's worth it, trust me.

Cover image for YouTube video

That's a real, working tech demo, made in Unity 3D, by the way, doubters.

Proper clever, proper bonkers stuff. And, as every other bugger on the internet has already observed: get this in Portal 3, Mister Valve.

If I had access to that technology, I would use it to portal to my kitchen, at a time when I still had milk in the house, thus saving me from a beyond-agonising, uncaffeinated trip to the shop.

Coming next: a game about portals in which puzzles revolve around creating a world in which Portal never existed, and thus cannot be referenced in any discussion of games containing space-time manipulation.

(Thanks, IndieGames).

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