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Escape Simulator is getting free Portal DLC

No need to Chell out

A puzzle room in Escape Simulator's Portal DLC, showing a laser passing through a cube
Image credit: Pine Studio

Escape Simulator does a great job of virtually scratching that escape room itch I often get, with the added appeal of not having to leave the home comforts of my house or chair. You know what’s also a pretty great puzzle game set in successive rooms you need to escape? Portal. You may have heard of it. And now the two are set to collide in an upcoming bit of free DLC that brings Portal’s test chambers to Escape Simulator.

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The Portal Escape Chamber DLC for Escape Simulator will let you and up to nine pals - which, honestly, sounds like a recipe for chaos based on watch a handful of people bicker over puzzles in any escape room I’ve ever been in - try and escape the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center, an extremely Portal name if I ever saw one.

The DLC developed by Escape Sim makers Pine Studio - with Valve’s blessing - tasks the group with getting out of the Aperture lab in familiar fashion. There’ll be “thermal discouragement beam emitters”, Personality Cores, Companion Cubes, a Portal Gun and, yes, the announcement press release finds time to crack a “the cake is a lie” gag. Y’know, Portal stuff.

The player overlooks a test chamber in Escape Simulator's Portal DLC
Image credit: Pine Studio

In keeping with Portal’s still-brilliant twist, there are hints that the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center may not be all it seems, and you might have to work around the lab’s safety protocols to find your way out.

The Portal Escape Chamber DLC will arrive in Escape Simulator on September 7th, and will cost the low, low price of nothing. You’ll also be able to play in virtual reality.

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