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Sideway: No Merlot Allowed

I've liked the look of this one for a while, but I had seen the words "PSN exclusive" being bandied around. Reasuringly, the developers Playbrains (who you may remember as the folks that brought us that Madballs game) recently confirmed that yes, Sideway is "definitely coming to PC - via Steam". That screenshot doesn't really do the game justice, so embedded beneath is a trailer that shows off the unique set of mechanics that set it apart from the competition.

2D characters in the 3D world? What will they think of next. It's hard to tell based on the little infomation we have to go on so far whether the plane-switching platforming will result in fun puzzles, or whether its mostly just an aesthetic choice, but it's certainly grabbed my attention. After 2D platformers declined in popularity at the dawn the the 21st century, it's wonderful to see their continued resurgence.

From the looks of things, Sideway melds classic 90s era platforming, a new world bending gimmick, and fat beats. A potent combination, I'm sure you'll agree. It's due out on October the 11th, and it'll set you back $10.

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