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RPS Demands: We Want Keen DLC For Rage

It's a simple enough demand, I think. Yes, id, we've been increasingly impressed with the constant trickle of promotional trailers you've put out for Rage over recent months, and you've proven that Mr. Carmack is fully capable of talking the talk. But are you big enough to take on outside feedback? Will you listen to our plea? We think it's about time for the Commander to return to our screens, and some form of DLC for Rage seems like the perfect opportunity.

For those not in the know, Commander Keen is a series of platformers from id's early years. Commander Keen was a badass, pogo-stick jumping, 8 year old genius, and he goes on crazy adventures around space. It was whilst developing the Commander Keen series that id first fell in love with colour coded keycard hunting, which went on to be a staple feature of their early shooters. They're available on Steam, for a bit of spare change.

Keen may have, er, shown his face during Doom 2, but I want to see what he's been up to since then. I'm not too fussed about how the DLC works, maybe we could just have his old spaceship converted into a car for driving around the wasteland? Perhaps you can track down a cache of his old weapons? Or Maybe we could have Commander Keen turn up as a wingman? If he was 8 years old when the first game came out in 1990, and somehow he managed to survive the apocalypse, he'd be around 47 by the time Rage takes place in 2029.

I want more Keen, and I'm not too sure id would dedicate the kind of time it takes them to produce games these days working on a brand new Commander Keen game. And even if they did, I don't think I could stomach another FPR (that's First Person Reboot). Rage DLC seems like the best chance id will have to revisit this franchise any time soon, and I can't stand idly by and let them miss the boat. This is his moment.

Are you aboard the Keen Campaign, readers?

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