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Safer Than Shotguns: Running With Rifles

How many of you are still playing Running With Rifles, the murky yet marvellous top-down tactical shooter Jim introduced you to a while back? Unless the answer is most of you, it’s not enough. Maybe you thought the game wouldn’t receive any significant updates for an age. I’m pleased to announce that you were very wrong indeed. So, stand corrected, chin up, and prepare to go forth and battle once more. This alpha 0.351 update doesn't add tanks, planes or classes, it's simply an evolution of the core concept, which is tiny armies of soldiers shooting each other. How do you make that more entertaining?

Improved map graphics mean you’ll have a better idea of where your little man is needed on the battlefield, which cuts down on some of the mindless running and gives a better sense of how dynamic the ongoing war is. Soon they’ll have to change the name to Fighting With Rifles. Battles also tend to be larger, though you'll still have skirmishes, in part thanks to what appears to be a genuinely improved AI that picks its scraps more sensibly. There’s a lot more going on now and, most importantly, it's more fun. Put that in the changelog. Here's hoping for regular updates of this quality.

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