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Ford Be With You: SW:TOR Smuggler Video

Star Wars: Galaxies had a brilliant idea at its core; to let people live in the Star Wars world without letting them all be Jedi from the moment they register. You had to earn the right because it doesn’t make sense for every single person to be a member of an exclusive and rare sect. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, I have no desire to be a Jedi at all. I want to be a smuggler and Bioware have released a new trailer to show exactly why.

Ha ha. MMORPG combat looks so funny and rubbish. Did you see the bit where the armoured bounty hunter chap is repeatedly waving a weapon at a monster to no effect? There’s not even a vague attempt to show impact or reaction. It’s like a crap dance with an unnecessary prop and an unwilling partner.

That aside, this is definitely the class for me. Always outnumbered, never outgunned, these scoundrelous gunslingers even dress well, with their dusters and wide-brimmed hats. The term ‘roguish charm’ was invented to describe Harrison Ford in both Indiana Jones and Star Wars. And the nod to Indy in the trailer actually left me feeling pleased even after all the silly looking fighting.

I’ve always thought that people who want to be Jedis are wrong in the head. Yes, yes, lightsabers are awesome because they’re swords made of light that go VWOOM. I know. I understand. But right the way through the Star Wars films that matter, Han Solo is right there. Not only is he far more charismatic than earnest farmboy Luke, he’s also managed to survive the darker corners of that galaxy far far away without any mystical mumbo jumbo. He’s just got a battered old ship, an archaic looking blaster, his wits and his guts.

A smuggler I will be.

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