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Castles Made Of Sand: Stronghold 3

After peasant-pleasing and/or poking comes castle crashing. Firefly promised to show more of the militant aspect of Stronghold 3 and here’s a video which does just that. See castle walls crumble and tiny men topple from them, reduced to nothing more than ragdolls. Hear a polite British man explain that the medieval era is an ideal showcase for physics. I was hoping they’d be using a Buridanian impetus model but they’ve gone for Havok. I’m more interested in the castle building than the castle destruction, some of which is briefly shown at the end. Have a gander.

I can’t shake the feeling that castle walls shouldn’t explode quite so readily but in all honesty, I’ve never tried exploding one. There’s a definite tendency for ‘realistic’ physics to make objects seem more lightweight at the moment of collision though and when it comes to castles, I demand something a bit sturdier. That said, I still look forward to seeing walls smashed to bits and men hurtling to their doom and hopefully it’ll lead to more thought going into the placement of fortifying structures. Just under a month until we find out.

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