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Wee: Stronghold 1 Free With Stronghold 3

Buy three Strongholds, get one free? No, no, that's not right at all. It's 'buy Stronghold 3, get Stronghold 1 free.' Because that's what happens should you pre-order Stronghold 3 on Steam: you'll get to re-dabble in the beloved 2001 castle sim. But when does it happen, I hear you ask? (I didn't hear you ask anything,actually. I'm not a psychic or a madman who hears voices. I did hear a seagull go 'qwaaaark' in the distance however, and I'm pretty sure he meant 'but when does it happen?' Then he insulted my mum.)

This is when it happens: it happens RIGHT NOW.

This is a trend I can get behind. So many pre-order incentives are just cynical bonuses like special hats or re-skinned weapons or an extra map, but a free game seems a much better deal. Not to mention that it actively encourages revisiting - rather than forgetting - yesteryear's PC classicettes.

Stronghold 3 doesn't have a definite release date, annoyingly - just 'Q3' this year. It's £30 as a Steam pre-order, for which you'll also get Stronghold 1 instantly (as we've already established. Were you even paying attention? Tcch) and a bonus, scloosive map (oh) called The Tower Of London for S3 when it releases. It's a recreation of the titular British building, for you to attack or defend to your vicious little heart's content.

Obviously, we don't yet know whether Stronghold 3 will be any cop. But I'm getting a good feeling off it so far.

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