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Heavenly Hostiles: Wasteland Angel Demo

Have you encountered a Wasteland Angel? It's a new indie action game that now has a demo coming down from heaven, which teaches you an important life lesson, and then slowly walks away toward the horizon. Or indeed lets you frantically zoom a car around, defending towns from enemy invading automobiles. I've no idea what the demo includes, because for some reason Steam is refusing to let me download it. However, I've been playing the real thing, and I can copy the information from this here press release! Ladies and gentlemen: games journalism.

Actually, by playing the real game I've somewhat spoiled the genuine games journalism ethos, so I apologise for that. Although if I'd only bother to look outside of Steam I'd notice that the demo can be downloaded from here, too.

Octane Games' project features the titular lady driving her heavily weaponised car around in tight circles, taking out waves of incoming baddy drivers. They're trying to steal the citizens from various towns, and you must, um, blow up the vans they're in to rescue them. I'm not sure that's quite how rescuing works, but this people seems quite impervious to explosions. Why? Because there's been a nuclear holocaust, of course.

It's quite fun, really. Certainly nothing ground-shaking, but an action distraction to occupy a few lunches. And at £9 (currently £7.19 on Steam), it's the right price too.

Despite being built for PC, the game really feels like something that's been ported from XBLA, both in the action theme, and with the crappy graphics. I've no idea why the options are so woefully limited, but the screen won't expand widthways beyond 1280, yet there's no option to play it in a window, and there are absolutely no grown up settings at all. So what looks like it should be quite a pretty game is obscured by a low resolution and no anti-aliasing whatsoever. Which seems a bit of a stupid shame, really.

Anyhow, you can find out for yourself, either by Steam's page, or Atomic Gamer's mirrors. And here's a trailer:

Watch on YouTube

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