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For This, Never: Deus Ex HR DLC Packs

Deus Ex: HR came saddled with a selection of preorder incentives, a phrase that tastes like a little bit of sick in my mouth. The upshot is that if you didn’t buy the game from a grid coordinate during the correct lunar sequence, you may be missing little bits of content. No longer. Now, everything can be yours, provided you’re willing to reach into your digital wallet once more. There are two packs available, neither of which I have any experience with so don’t expect an informed opinion. Personally, I haven’t found the game to be lacking any of the things that are listed below. Have you?

First up, for £1.99, is the EXPLOSIVE mission pack, which contains more explosions and the Tong’s Rescue mission. Does that involve explosions too? I dread to think. To blow things up, Jensen can stick a grenade launcher and remote detonated explosives in his cavernous coat, or whichever cyber-cavity the kids are stashing their weaponry in these days.

Explosions are not for men such as myself though. I’m more a tactics man. They’ve got me covered with the £1.19 Tactical Enhancement pack, which provides a silenced sniper rifle. Yes, tactics. And there are close up tactics too in the form of a double barrelled shotgun. Remember when the Doom series made the tactical leap with the inclusion of one of those bad boys? Worryingly, this pack also gives Jensen an extra 10,000 credits, which sounds like it would break the game a little bit to me. Maybe he can tactically leave it on a park bench.

There is a double pack priced at £2.49 if you desire tactical explosivity. Personally, I’m not interested in paying extra for things I haven’t felt the lack of but the hoarder in me is a bit annoyed by the previous exclusivity and now the price tags on this stuff. Stop dismembering games, even trivially.

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