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The final faction in Frontier's Warhammer RTS is magical chaos cult The Disciples Of Tzeentch

They join the Stormcast Eternals, Orruks and Nighthaunt

A unit from the Disciples of Tzeentch in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin
Image credit: Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments have announced the fourth and final faction coming to their Warhammer RTS Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin. The Disciples Of Tzeentch are a clan of magical chaos demons that specialise in long-range attacks, and they'll join the Stormcast Eternals, Orruk Kruleboyz and the Nighthaunt when the game launches on November 17th.

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Long-range debuffer lads sound like they'll cause rightful havoc in Realms Of Ruin's various multiplayer modes, and some of the units shown off in the trailer above look proper nasty. The fleshy Pink Horrors will lob fireballs at you before splitting into newer, bluer forms on defeat, until they finally evolve into exploding brimstone boys like some kind of cursed Pokemon chain. There will also be airborne Tzaangor Skyfires to play with, while the most powerful unit in the Disciples army is the Lord Of Change himself, capable of hopening gateways to Chaos.

Frontier also show off their unit customisation options in the trailer, demonstrating how you'll be able to personalise all of your various armies in the game, as well as the game's map editor. This can be used to create your own multiplayer maps to share with friends and online, and these maps can also acts as stages for diorama scenes to pose units on using its dedicated photo mode.

I saw some of these features in action during Frontier's Realms Of Ruin talk at EGX this year, and the terrain options look particularly neat. You can pick points to either raise or level the ground to, and you can automatically set symmetry lines so each side of the map is exactly the same on both sides.

I'm pretty pumped for Realms Of Ruin. I've had a great time with what I've played so far, and it seems like other people are excited for it too. Its recent Steam Next Fest demo made it into the top 50 most-played games of the event, Valve announced this week, with Realms Of Ruin placing at no. 20. The demo contained the first three missions of its singleplayer campaign, and introduced all three of its previously announced factions.

Alas, today's reveal is tinged by bad news as just yesterday Frontier announced the studio would be undergoing an organisational review, resulting in layoffs, spending cuts and a hiring freeze. This is following "disappointing financial performance and more challenging industry conditions", they said, which means all eyes are no doubt on Realms Of Ruin to try and turn Frontier's fortunes around.

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