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Foxhole: Naval Warfare takes the massively multiplayer milsim to sea

Logistics on water

Some landing craft arrive on a beach in Foxhole: Naval Warfare.
Image credit: Siege Camp

Foxhole is a fascinating topdown World War 2 shooter that plays out like Company Of Heroes if each individual soldier was controlled by an individual player. Later this month it's getting a new major update: Naval Warfare, which appends the trenches and railway supply lines with new at-sea combat.

The first trailer for Foxhole: Naval Warfare.Watch on YouTube

The update expands Foxhole's already large battlefield with ocean areas, on which players can man battleships and submersibles. Dozens of players can survive on the deck of a destroyer or gunboat, working in tandem to deliver ammunition or launch sea mines and depth charges, much as players collaborate on land.

Individual ship systems can then be destroyed in the event an enemy attacks. This may lead to situations in which players must bail-out seawater from parts of their ship, and decide whether to seal off certain rooms or risk losing a ship in full.

Battleships can also deploy landing craft, which players can use to assault beaches or other landing spots. Whatever the mission, players will need to collaborate to make sure sorties go smoothly.

Foxhole is a massively-multiplayer game, but despite its war setting and shooter systems, it';s much more in line with EVE Online than more modern brethren. Your choices really matter in Foxhole - even if they don't lead your side to victory, they'll be remembered by your peers.

The Naval Warfare update launches on October 26th.

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