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Foxhole's new snowy weather can freeze soldiers and rivers alike

New hazards and new opportunities in the MMO sandbox WW2

Winter has come to Foxhole, the fascinating MMO sandbox World War 2 where players fill every role from driving tanks to driving the trucks which deliver the materials to build those tanks and the fuel that keeps them running. Snow is one of Foxhole's new dynamic weather conditions, and not only can it cause all sorts of troubles for forces, it can freeze water to open new avenues of attack. Have a peek at the Winter Army update in the trailer below.

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The dynamic weather can also roll in rain storms, which cause soldiers to become muddy and slow, but snow seems the big force. As it gets colder, soldiers on foot can freeze to death, inactive vehicles can freeze, everyone moves slower (though a few vehicles handle it better), visibility is reduced, and wind changes direction more often. Troops will want to hunker inside or build fire pits to stay warm. And rivers, lakes, and some of the sea can freeze enough for soldiers and vehicles to cross. Both weather types make wind shift more to screw with artillery too.

Speaking of, artillery is another big focus of the update. New cannons and field guns have arrived, players can build ammunition rooms to store shells for artillery bases, and bombardments that can desolate landscapes and ruin towns with enough sustained fire.

See the Foxhole update 42 release notes for more changes in Winter Army, or this Steam post for an overview with pictures.

Our former boy Brendy ran logistics when he played in 2017, helping keep the frontlines fighting and accidentally straying a bit too close to the action.

"It isn't for everyone," he said. "It requires a lot of chatter and roaming the countryside alone is likely to get you barbecued on sight. Likewise, it's hard to jump straight into a battle, like you can in PlanetSide, just to feel the rush of combat. There is more to learn before you reach that point, but there's also much more to appreciate about the conflict, even as a simple ammo delivery boy. Even something as simple as giving someone a ride makes you feel like you're part of a greater, more effective machine."

Foxhole is available on Steam Early Access with a 45% discount right now, which brings it down to £8.24/€10.99/$10.99. That page says they plan to leave early access this summer.

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