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Foxhole logistics players going on strike, demanding improvements

In the online war, supply lines are vital

A group of Foxhole players are going on strike to pressure the developers into address issues they feel ruin their chosen role in the war, logistics. The World War 2 sandbox MMO is a persistent battle where weapons, vehicle, and building rely on resources gathered, processed, and delivered by other players, without whom the war machine slows down. Our boy Brendy called logistics "the real heroes" when he rode with them a few years back. But many are unhappy with the current state of their role, so they've formed a union.

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The Logistics Organisation for General Improvement (L.O.G.I.) have organised and posted an open letter addressed to the developers, Siege Camp (formerly known as Clapfoot). The letter says they "believe the current state of logistics has become a threat to the overall health of the game", identifying eleven key issues and asking the devs to lay out their plans to address them.

"The cumulative effects of changes made to other systems within Foxhole have increased the stress and responsibility placed on the Logistics player base," L.O.G.I. say. "We believe that Foxhole should not have a gameplay experience that causes its players this much frustration."

The group called for a response from Siege Camp by January 10th, and they have received none. 1566 people have signed the letter, and apparently a good number have stopped playing logistics. Last month, the game peaked at 4080 players in-game at the same time, so it wouldn't take many logistics players taking on other roles or doing other things to have an impact.

A L.O.G.I. representative told the NME that they "have seen a significant increase in demands for equipment on the frontlines" and "it has gotten a lot of people talking about problems with the system".

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Looking round, I've seen some player supporting the strike, and some opposing it. Some players seem annoyed by the effect it has upon the game. But in an Eve Online-esque world which relies on players doing the work, players have a lot of power. And if you're annoyed by the logistics strike, hey, you can play logistics yourself.

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