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Foxhole's massive Naval Warfare update is out now, adding gunboats and subs to its persistent battlefield

Teamwork and death at sea

Some landing craft arrive on a beach in Foxhole: Naval Warfare.
Image credit: Siege Camp

Foxhole is a massively multiplayer battlefield in which players can be frontline soldiers or part of a rear detachment providing supplies and logistical support. A major free update is out today, Naval Warfare, which as the name suggets brings that persistent online war to the sea, with gunboats, destroyers and beach landings to contend with.

Here's a launch trailer:

The launch trailer for Foxhole's Naval Warfare update.Watch on YouTube

Players will be responsible for every part of running their ships, from maintaining its engines, sonar and navigation systems, to delivering ammunition, firing the guns, and outmanouvering enemies. In combat, crews will be able to target specific subsections of enemy ships, causing destroyed compartments to become flooded and forcing enemy players to abandon their posts to help bail out water to stay afloat.

There are also submarines, which can ambush convoys of ships if they're not detected via depth charges. Given Foxhole is set during World War 2, there are naturally also amphibious landing craft for performing beach landings.

I've only dabbled in Foxhole, but it seems like the kind of game that could become a whole hobby unto itself, along the lines of EVE Online or Arma 3. I do not currently have space in my life for a new hobby, but I'm delighted everytime I'm reminded Foxhole exists all the same.

If you're interested in dabbling or in a new hobby, Foxhole is currently 33% off on Steam. Or you could always wait and get in on the muddy ground floor for the same developer's take on medieval warfare, Anvil Empires.

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