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Foxhole's Entrenched update makes the massive multiplayer shooter even bigger

And improves the foxholes.

Foxhole has made foxholes better. The Entrenched update for the massive, multiplayer sandbox war game adds a lot, but top of the pile is new building tools for crafting better bunkers, trenches, and frontline defenses. The update is live now, and there's a video introducing its many features below.

Cover image for YouTube videoFoxhole - Entrenched (Major Update)

Foxhole's world is now substantially larger than before, with seven new regions to the north and seven to the south. That includes new towns and villages, and enough space to support up to 3000 players in a single, persistent war.

There are also 15 new uniforms so each type of soldier looks different, new tank classes, a better camera system and much more. But it's the new combat engineer activities that interest me most.

You can now construct frontline fortifications, using barbed wire, metal beams and sandbags to create defenses for your team to use as cover. Because this is Foxhole, and the battlefield is vast and completely driven by players, combat engineers will need people to drive trucks of sandbags to the frontlines before they can use them in construction. If you've got the materials though, it's straightforward to dynamically bend the barricades where you need them.

There are also a lot of improvements to the existing bunker and trench building systems. On one end of the scale, players can now construct individual foxholes, and on the other enormous bunker complexes can now have power systems and engine rooms to fuel lights and intelligence machinery. Tanks can also now drive over trenches, meaning you're not blocking some of your own team's players by building them.

It's all very cool, in an extremely nerdy way, and it's all providing new ways to be useful within the game's enormous battlefield even if you don't want to fire a gun. You can find the full list of changes over on the Foxhole blog.

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