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Paradox show off Foundry, a factory game of infinite size

Conveyor Kings, amirite

A screenshot of Foundry, showing a long conveyor line travelling through yellow arches.
Image credit: Paradox

Paradox have announced that they're publishing Channel 3 Entertainment's Foundry, a first-person factory management sim set in an... "infinite" world. Factories with no maximum size limit? Oh dear. I had a hard enough time shucking off my addiction to Dyson Sphere Program, in which you can build a factory that encloses the sun. I dread to think how much time I could waste away playing this.

Visually, Foundry is a mixture of Satisfactory and Minecraft - one of the earliest first-person games to support outlandish feats of in-game automation - with a procedurally generated voxel-based world that extends from jungles to mountains and mineshafts. You'll place and mine terrain blocks as you please, slowly building up a network of pipes, conveyor belts and automated research facilities, supported by an ever-expanding power system. As in most factory sims, you'll do a lot by hand initially before slowly upgrading to the point that the simulation will practically run itself - at least till some conveyor line clogs up around three miles away.

A screenshot from Foundry, showing a factory built beside a river
A screenshot of Foundry, showing robots striking poses in front of a huge factory complex
Image credit: Paradox

There's the option to construct robot helpers, after manufacturing the requisite batteries, circuit boards and so on. Or you could enlist a friend to help via co-operative multiplayer - the developer haven't set a limit on headcounts but recommend that you play Foundry with 2-4 players. In my experience of factory sims, you'll want at least one person on maintenance duties while two others handle expansion, and a fourth whose job is to gaze out over the once-pristine realm you've demolished and mechanised, wringing their hands at the inhumanity of it all.

It's coming to Early Access at some point, and there's a demo landing on 9th October as part of Steam Next Fest. Find a trailer below.

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