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The best Steam Deck microSD card is half price for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Get a 512GB Samsung Pro Plus for £36

A Samsung Pro Plus microSD card being held up in front of a Steam Deck, which is out of focus in the background.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

I like the Steam Deck but its storage options don’t really reflect the grand-scale gigabyte munching that modern PC games indulge in. An added microSD card feels very much like a necessity, and in the UK, Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days sale is knocking 50% off one of the best.

The best, in many ways. The Samsung Pro Plus was never the most costly prospect in expandable storage, but even so, it aced my game loading benchmarks when I began group-testing microSDs. Out of all the many Deck-ready options that are on sale today and tomorrow – and you can find more in our Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Steam Deck accessory deal guide – this one is worthy of being your first choice, especially if you go for the 512GB model. Not that there’s anything technically wrong with the 256GB Pro Plus, but as with desktop SSDs, it’s usually best to get as much capacity as your budget allows.

UK deals:

Samsung Pro Plus 256GB - £19 (was £37)

Samsung Pro Plus 512GB - £36 (was £74)

The only downside is that by the rules of Prime Big Deal Days, these and any other deals under its umbrella require an Amazon Prime membership to access. Without one, you can still sign up for the 30-day free trial of Prime, which will make all Big Deal Days offers available while they last – just don’t forget to cancel the trial once your shopping is done, or you’ll end up paying the full subscription cost once those 30 days are up.

Prime Big Deal Days, Amazon's latest sale event for Prime members, is running across October 10th-11th. We're rounding up all the best Prime Big Deal Days PC gaming deals, with dedicated guides to our picks of the best graphics card deals and Steam Deck accessories deals.

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