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Pick up HYTE's wicked Revolt 3 SFF PC case with 700W 80+ Gold SFX PSU for just $112

Feel the HYTE.

When I was a computer science student, I developed a messaging app called HYPE with a few of my (more-talented) peers. It worked really well, and we even used it to talk during lectures, but of course we never released it out into the world and after leaving uni it was abandoned. Years later, I saw the brand called HYTE and my immediate reaction was "They stole our idea!"

Of course, my reading comprehension is poor, and HYTE - the iBuyPower PC case company - is unrelated to my unreleased, unannounced Linux-based chat app.

And so it falls to me to tell you that if you don't have a knee-jerk reaction to four-letter words that look like acronyms but aren't, and you like small PC cases, you might be interested in this US deal for the HYTE Revolt 3.

This critically-acclaimed Mini ITX PC case is down to $112 at Newegg or Ebay, a cut below its regular price of $200 and MSRP of $250. $112 is a bloody brilliant price for this case, especially as it comes with a pre-fitted 700W 80+ Gold SFX power supply.

Oh, and if you're interested, that link is for the white model, but black cases are also available:

As I mentioned the last time this case was on sale - which was for $130 all the way back in November 2022! - the Revolt 3 is a scant 18.4L case with an integrated carry handle, ventilated and filtered panels on multiple sides and convenient I/O at the bottom of the case.

It's a wicked case, so take a look at some reviews and then get this ordered if you want to build a great small form factor PC!

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