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This SFF PC case is down to $130 w/ 700W PSU after a $120 discount

The HYTE Revolt 3 has gotten stellar reviews and is an awesome basis for a Mini ITX system.

Small form factor cases are very much in vogue, with some great options nowadays from the likes of Cooler Master, NZXT and Ssupd. Normally you're looking at around $50 to $150 for the case itself, with a further $70 to $100 for a matching SFX power supply, but today there's an excellent deal at Amazon US that offers a small form factor case and a 700W PSU for just $130 - after a sizeable $120 discount.

The case is the HYTE Revolt 3, and it's attracted rave reviews for its easy build qualities, great thermals and beautiful design, making it an easy recommendation at this discounted price.

So: the iBuyPower-produced 18.4L HYTE Revolt 3. When reviewed at its original $250 price point, folks like Tom's Hardware, Guru3D and PC Mag all had plenty to praise about this small form factor case. The design here is a standout feature, with an integrated carry handle on the top, ventilated and filtered panels on multiple sides and front I/O conveniently located at the base of the case (rather than on the top as on the NZXT H1). It looks great, with the mesh behind the larger openings on the front giving it a two-tone design from some angles and thereby escaping the 'boring black cuboid' descriptor.

Inside, there's room for a Mini ITX motherboard, SFX or SFX-L power supply (provided), GPUs up to 335mm in length and CPU tower coolers up to 150mm in height or radiators up to 280mm in size. There's also space provided for a 3.5-in hard drive and up to two 2.5-in SSDs, although NVMe M.2 drives are ideal for this kind of small form factor system. The whole case is 253 x 178 x 409mm in size or 9.9 x 7 x 16.1 inches.

I could go on about the tool-less side panels, or the fact that the 700W 80+ Gold PSU is pre-routed, or the fact there are headphone holders on either side, or the general ease of installation. But there are more detailed reviews for that, and I worry that this might sell out soon! So: pick this up if you're in the market for a small form factor slash Mini ITX case at a killer price!

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