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Treat your Steam Deck to some cheap (but good) thumbstick covers, on sale for Prime Big Deal Days

Two thumbs up

The JSAUX Steam Deck Thumb Grip Caps. One is applied to the Steam Deck's left thumbstick, the other is being held next to it.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Here’s a little stocking stuffer of an Amazon Prime Big Deal Days deal: Jsaux’s Steam Deck thumbstick covers, tried-and-testing members of the best Steam Deck accessories club, are one sale for even less money than usual.

Technically, the stick covers are but one component of what you’d actually get. This is, arguably, more of a skin stickers set that happens to throw in some thumb grips as a bonus. Nonetheless,I’m here to tell you that Jsaux have that the wrong way around. The stickers are difficult to apply and ultimately of dubious usefulness, but the grips? They’re worth the price alone, at least when discounted.

Obviously, their primary function is to make it harder for unwieldy thumbs to slip off their Steam Deck stick perches. At this, there are very effective, even for big thumbs like mine. Yet their utility extends beyond mere friction: for reasons unknown to science, possibly because all the trained scientists are off curing diseases or whatever, Jsaux’s grips can extend the range at which your thumbs can activate the capacitive sensors inside the Deck’s sticks. The result? Should you wish to practice the initially strange ultimately rewarding art of gryo controls, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about keeping your thumbs dead-on the centre of the sticks. Otherwise, this is a requirement for keeping the gyroscope enabled.

UK deals:

Jsaux skin stickers set for Steam Deck - £10 (was £13)

Don’t just take my word for it, either: RPS guides lord Ollie uses these exact covers on his Deck, and says they’re "Great so far." Absolutely and definitely a complete endorsement there, with no hedging whatsoever.

The Jsaux skin stickers set is also sort-of on sale in the US, though not as part of Prime Big Deal Days – instead, you save 50 cents off the usual $10 price by checking the "Apply 5% coupon" box before adding it to your basket. A smaller saving, though at least it’s available regardless of whether you have a Prime membership or not. The UK’s deal does come with this stipulation, so make sure you’re signed up to either Prime or the Prime free trial before buying.

Prime Big Deal Days, Amazon's latest sale event for Prime members, is running across October 10th-11th. We're rounding up all the best Prime Big Deal Days PC gaming deals, with dedicated guides to our picks of the best graphics card deals and Steam Deck accessories deals.

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