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Want a 4TB SSD for $138? This is a 4TB SSD for $138

The Team Group T-Force Vulcan Z SATA SSD is incredibly priced.

Massive SATA SSDs are getting ever more affordable, and this is the best 4TB deal we've ever seen here at RPS. You can get a TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan Z 4TB drive for just $138 at Newegg, down from a previous price of $180.

In fact, this is half the price of a deal we were eagerly posting about just one year ago, which really speaks to the speed at which SSD storage has collapsed in price in 2023.

This particular SSD is nothing special, but it ticks all the boxes when it comes to reliability and usability. It maxes out the SATA protocol with speeds up to 550MB/s reads and 510MB/s writes, with a decent longevity rating of 900TBW thanks to its use of QLC NAND flash memory.

No DRAM is present, which is deleterious for sustained performance but doesn't make a significant difference to general use - you could conceivably use this as your OS drive, though we'd generally recommend a TLC-based NVMe drive with a DRAM cache for most systems. Instead, this makes an ideal game storage or media drive, offering a huge amount of instantly-accessible space that will last for years and years, without the weakness to drops, knocks and magnets that HDDs share - and without the extremely long seek times and noisy operation too.

Overall, this looks like a solid option to increase your game storage and well worth picking up at the reduced price.

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