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Got $90? Want a full-size mechanical keyboard, mouse, mousepad and grip tape from Razer?

Razer's Heroic Bundle V2 includes $200+ of stuff.

razer heroic bundle v2
Image credit: Razer/Rock Paper Shotgun

Razer make some of the best gaming peripherals in the business across a wide range of categories, and now you can take home a whole set of them for 90 bucks over at Woot.

The "Heroic Bundle V2" includes a mechanical keyboard, mouse, grip tape for the mouse and mousepad, offering a 40% reduction on buying these items separately. That's an awesome deal and well worth considering - the only peripheral you'd really need to add is a headset!

All of these items are pretty solid choices, so let's go through them one by one. The BlackWidow was Razer's original mechanical keyboard - I had one back in 2010! - but this is the revised V3 model, which offers Razer's own green clicky mechanical switches, a full-size layout, a wrist rest and a volume roller. It's a nice wired keyboard that works very well in my experience, and given that this keyboard costs $99 by itself at Amazon, this already goes a long way to making this bundle a great value.

Next up is the Deathadder V2 Pro, a wireless gaming mouse with an ergonomic right-handed design. I'm actually testing out the Deathadder V3 Pro at the moment, as I picked up a used model on Amazon UK, and it's a really solid mouse for people with medium to large hands - comfortable, lightweight and rapid. The mouse I'm using came with grip tape preinstalled, and it's nice - it makes it much easier to rapidly position the mouse without gripping it too tight. This grip tape is one you'll have to apply yourself, but it should offer similar benefits. Again, the price here is significant - the DeathAdder V2 Pro costs $68 on Amazon US!

Finally, the Gigantus V2 mousepad is pretty straightforward - it's a nice extra-large mousepad available in various sizes from 14x10.8" to 47x21.7". It's not clear which size is available, but even the smallest is a nice size and feels good thanks to its cloth construction and tasteful thickness. The smallest Gigantus V2 costs $24 on Amazon, so again you're getting a ton of value here.

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