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This 24000mAh power bank is ideal for extending your Steam Deck's longevity

From the well-known brand "Bogseth".

two power banks with an LED screen, two USB-A ports and USB-C.
Image credit: Bogseth/Rock Paper Shotgun

Power banks have come a long way over the past few years, and now offer capacities similar to laptops and the capability to recharge at very high speeds. Today we spotted a nice deal on a 24000mAh portable charger that offers 22.5W charging for just £14 with a 28% voucher applied on the Amazon product page, down from an RRP of £27.

With up to 22.5W of charging via two USB-A ports and one USB-A prot this model is ideal for smartphones, tablets and of course the Steam Deck as well. It's not quite fast enough to charge the Steam Deck at full speed (the default Steam Deck wall charger is 45W), but it will reverse, halt or at least severely slow the Steam Deck's battery drain depending on how much power the Steam Deck is drawing. That's enough to multiply the Deck's longevity significantly, and makes a huge difference in situations where charging normally isn't possible - like being on one of those annoying planes with a lower-power USB port but not a full-size plug.

One thing I like about these modern portable chargers is that they come with a nice LED readout that shows exactly how much power you have. Having a basic readout is far from a new concept, but having a specific percentage is an increase in precision over having three or four bars.

Do you use a portable charger when you're on the road? Let me know in the comments below - it's always interesting to see how other folks use their tech while away from home!

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