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Say hello and welcome to our new Reviews Editor, Ed Thorn!

Freshly promoted to the official role of Reviews Edders

Ed Thorn poses next to a Sonic statue at Gamescom, with Horace the endless bear by his side
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Good news, folks. Today, I'm very pleased to announce our new Reviews Editor, and it's our very own Ed Thorn! After spending two and a bit years flexing his typing arms as our senior staff writer, Ed will now be stepping up to wrangle our reviews section into bigger and better shape than ever before - or rather, he already has, as he officially took over the role at the start of October. He will henceforth be known not simply as Edders, but as the new and improved Reviews Edders, so please come and congratulate him on his ascension in the comments below.

Ed, of course, needs little introduction, as you all know him already. He's been writing excellent reviews for us for years now, honing his strengths as a critic by tackling everything from the latest Soulslike to yer big shiny shootybangs, live service disasters and every gosh darn Yakuza/Like A Dragon game he can get his hands on (while also applying his superb punmanship at every available opportunity). As many of you already know, Ed has always played broadly and deeply, relishing the opportunity to write about the big blockbusters just as much as lesser-known indie gems, and I know he'll bring that same, all-encompassing appreciation for what PC games are these days as he steps up to lead our reviews section.

Naturally, he'll still be writing plenty of those reviews as our freshly minted Reviews Edders (along with previews and features on his favourite games in between said reviews), only now he'll be making sure the rest of our words and arguments are up to snuff as well, applying his expert knowledge to ensure you're always reading the best and most insightful PC reviews on the internet. That, and pointing out all our terrible typos and grammatical faux pas so they never see the light of day. I'm exciting for this new era of Reviews Edders, and I hope you are too.

With Ed rising through the ranks of the RPS Treehouse, that does mean we'll be hiring for a new staff writer to replace him shortly, and I'll be posting more details about that (along with a proper and official job advert for it) soon.

For now, though, please join me once again by saying a hearty congratulations to Ed, and giving him a well-deserved verbal pat on the back.

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