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Overwatch 2 takes a leaf from Fortnite’s book of music megastars as it teams up with K-pop giants Le Sserafim

The hero shooter is getting a game mode and hero skins inspired by the group

A teaser image for Le Sserafim's appearance in Overwatch 2, showing cartoon versions of three members from the K-pop group
Image credit: Blizzard/Hybe

Hugely popular K-pop group Le Sserafim are headed to Overwatch 2 in the shooter’s first crossover with a music artist. The collab is more than just skins, too - expect a whole new game mode based on the band. And yes, there’ll be cosmetic items too, of course.

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Blizzard’s announcement that Le Sserafim would arrive in Overwatch 2 following the group’s debut of new song Perfect Night later this week marks a distinctly Fortnite-like shift for the recently reborn shooter.

Fortnite, as you’ll likely know, has seen a number of crossovers with massive music names, ranging from dance emotes from fellow K-pop megastars BTS and Ariana Grande skins to a custom-made levels for The Kid Laroi and in-game concert for the likes of electronic giant Marshmello.

A teaser image for Le Sserafim's appearance in Overwatch 2, showing cartoon versions of the K-pop group's five members
Image credit: Blizzard/Hybe

It’s a coporate marketing gimmick that works - I had no idea who either of those last two were before they popped up as an easy way to get battle pass XP in Fortnite. I’ve also learned to fear Ariana Grande whenever I see her, as the users of the pop star’s skin tend to be some of the deadliest shots I’ve run across.

Anyway, Le Sserafim’s new game mode will arrive in Overwatch 2 on November 1st, with details of what to expect from the mode arriving a couple of days before on October 30th.

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There’ll also be some exclusive in-game items and Legendary hero skins. Perfect Night was recently teased with a few seconds of video showing Le Sserafim’s five members dressed in their own takes on D.Va’s headset, suggesting Overwatch’s South Korean esports pro-turned-mecha pilot might be the focus of any in-game unlockables. Expect to be able to pay some eye-watering amount for a skin too, if past Overwatch 2 additions are anything to go by.

BlizzCon kicks off a few days after the crossover lands, and Le Sserafim are due to put on a live performance of Perfect Night at the show. Honestly, given that it’s been hard to go back to Overwatch since its sequel moved in, I’m much more excited by that - Antifragile and Fearless are straight-up bangers. Who knows, though, maybe this’ll be the thing that finally tempts me back in.

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