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Minecraft's 2023 mob vote has its first candidate: the crab

The player vote begins in 10 days

A piece of art for the Minecraft Live 2023 event, showing three characters against a pink forest backdrop.
Image credit: Microsoft

Minecraft Live, the blockbuilder's annual event, will take place on October 15th, and bring with it news of the next update and the by-now traditional mob vote. Mojang have started to outline the mobs players will be able to vote upon, with the winner to be added to the game, and the first of the trio is an adorable crab.

The crab, one of Minecraft's potential new mobs.Watch on YouTube

If they win the vote, crabs will make their home in the mangrove swamp, one of Minecraft's more recent biomes. Crabs will have one giant claw and if players "find" one such claw, they can use it place blocks further away than normal when building.

The mob vote will open on October 13th at 5pm UTC (6pm BST) and will run for 48 hours, via both the Minecraft launcher and on The winner will be announced during Minecraft Live on October 15th.

Minecraft's next update will be 1.21 and there's no hint as to what it might contain yet. The last update was 1.20, or the Trails & Tales update, and it added archaeolgy, camels, and the winner of the last mob vote, the Sniffer.

I've played Minecraft for years, but I never gave much of a hoot about Mincraft Live or the mob vote before. Now I play the game with my son, who is seven years old, and who is highly invested in what mob Mojang might add next. Invested enough that he has his own theories and has drawn his own concept art, which he's hoping we can send to Mojang to steer the direction of a future update.

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