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Further Expansion: Distant Worlds - Legends

I conceal my love for Distant Worlds quite well by never actually mentioning the game but I do love it, very much. If I actually owned a physical copy rather than a digital download, I'd probably give it a hug occasionally. Now, the gigantically scaled but manageable space strategy behemoth has received a second expansion pack, following last year's Return of the Shakturi. The core appeal of the game is its representation of a living universe, with the masses of information made vibrant by effective visuals and customisable automation levels. It's easy to build an empire and then sit back and watch it function in meticulous detail. The Legends expansion should add to that appeal. Details below.

Although it does add new events and technologies, the bulk of the expansion appears to be the addition of characters, from leaders down to individual scientists. These characters have abilities and traits, as well as the potential to change over time. It sounds a little like Crusader Kings in space, with a bit more personality being thrown into the strategy. It also sounds like the perfect excuse to head back to far away stars and conquer them anew.

The price is a rather steep £13.99 and you will need the base game and Return of the Shakturi to play. Buy both expansions to make a saving. There's a holiday sale at Matrix Games, so Distant Worlds itself is only £18.99 at the moment.

Looking forward to seeing how much fun these additions are.

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