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Prestigious Platforming: The Pretender

Somehow, despite The Internet having my phone number, a browser-based platform-puzzler in which the player controls a Victorian magician rescuing ghosts has existed since 2009 and yet I didn't receive a call about it. Outrageous blaggardry of the first water.

The game in question is The Pretender and the release of a third chapter in the top-hatted trickster's adventures and the diligence of Jayisgames has served to notify me of his existence. There's a basic but pleasingly worded story and I'd say it's worth going back to the start for the full experience since there's much pleasure to be gained from the antiquated banter.

As is so often the case in both life and art, elemental manipulation is the order of the day. Levels usually have one solution and a few dead ends, which can be frustrating, but they are short enough that starting over isn't too bothersome. And did I already mention that the ghosts sometimes excitedly shout out "brandy" when rescued? They do and I should have done. In fact, that should have been all I said.

And then I should have added that despite being a huge Batman fan, when it comes to my Nolan I prefer The Prestige to The Dark Knight. More games and films about magicians would be a fine thing.

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