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Star Me Kitten: Hoshi Saga 7

It's on days like today, when there is NO PC NEWS AT ALL, that I remember to return to Neko Games. The creator of the wonderful Hoshi Saga series has always created a new gem since my last visit, and it's just as true today. Today there's Ouka. It's similar to the star-hunting antics of Hoshi Saga, in that you're aiming to complete lots of very short Flash-based puzzles, but this time it's all about clicking on the flower. How you can go about doing that is the unique puzzle for each level, with that unique Neko Games logic. And then, wait, oh my goodness, is that a new Hoshi Saga too?

It surely is. Hoshi Saga 7, or as it's called, Ringohime, is another 25 star-finding challenges that make me smiley and happy all the live-long day. And I know barely anyone follows these posts and plays them, because this is the sixth one I've written about this series and I can see the stats. I know what poo-faces you all are, thinking yourself better than the sweet little puzzle game, with your guns and your dragons. But you're wrong, okay? YOU'RE WRONG.

This brings Hoshi Saga to 100 puzzles, which is evidence of the great puzzling mind behind them all. Yes, they're often simple, but there's a brilliant wit behind them, and a clear desire to explore the possibilities of Flash for honing his craft. Which is always a pleasure to experience. So go experience it!

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