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Hidden Psyche Game: XIII Lost Identity

In a remarkable feat of reversed expectations, it was revealed that the new XIII game would not be a first person shooter. This is at a time when there's a real chance that Peggle 2 will involve unicorn terrorists, a cover system and a screen-swallowing rainbow-themed HUD. Headshots = Ode To Joy and the rabbit is a wand-waving medic. So, an FPS becoming a puzzle game shouldn't necessarily be reason to despair, right? It could allow narrative to dominate and make the world really stand out. And then a trailer occurs.

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Well, that sure is a hidden object game. It's probably more at home on a tappable device than our mouse-driven domains, but wherever it's played, I imagine it's going to disappoint those who enjoyed the original. That's not to suggest that it isn't possible to tell a worthwhile interactive tale in a game with the kind of sequences shown in the trailer, but will even a well-made hidden object game appeal to people wanting more XIII, or does the license become incidental?

Time shall tell if there's anything decent to be discovered in these kleptomaniac adventures but I can't help but imagine all tension will be lost if I'm forced to search for six dominoes and a rusty faucet in order to load a sniper rifle.

It's out tomorrow. Does anyone care?

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