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Lord Of Time Craft: Doctor Who MMO

It seems like a long while since the announcement of Three Rings' Doctor Who: Worlds In Time but perhaps not. Perhaps it will actually be announced yestermorrow and I'm writing this from a place between moments, stuck in the gaps between seasons, trapped in the trembling alcove between the tick and the tock. What I have been able to discern from this aching voidspace, which echoes with the shrieks of collapsing realities, is that on 18th November 2011 it will be vital for me to inform you that Sega have acquired the erstwhile Puzzle Pirates developers and will be helping to bring the Doctor Who MMO to fruition.

Although I have extensive experience of the free-to-play Worlds In Time, garnered during an expedition to 'later this year' when it is due out, I am forbidden from speaking of those future events for fear of altering history. Also the future has really tough NDAs.

If I were you, I would expect the game to have more in common with Puzzle Pirates than World of Starcraft, or whichever game Blizzard dominate the MMO scene with in the inferior alternate timeline that you currently inhabit. Think puzzles and challenges for all age groups rather than roleplaying and raids.

There are very few concrete details as of now but the Sega acquisition could put a great deal of support behind the project. Hopefully we'll know more relatively soon and the website shows off the art style, which seems informative in itself.

Oh! That one reader should also check the use by date on the mayonnaise before taking a bite of his sandwich. Yes, you!

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